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Advanced terminology, processes and psychology behind IT recruitment

Former software engineer with over 10 years of experience in IT recruitment, José Kadlec,  created a unique course focused on recruiting IT professionals. IT knowledge is essential for recruiting IT professionals - especially in the Czech Republic, where the IT job market is the most overheated in all of Europe. Do you know the difference between HTTP and HTML? Did you know that JavaScript and Java are unrelated? Are SCRUM and Agile unfamiliar terms? Then this course is designed for you.

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What you learn in the course

  • IT sourcing - Statistics and analytics in recruiting IT professionals.
  • Live Sourcing Lab - Candidate search for real positions of the participants.
  • Keywords for recruiting specific IT professionals on LinkedIn and other social networks.
  • Specialized portals for IT sourcing - Github, Bitbucket, StackOverflow, and more.
  • Examples of successful HR marketing campaigns for IT recruitment.
  • Psychology of recruiting IT professionals - what works and what doesn’t?
  • The future of IT recruitment - Robotization, VR, AI, Chatbots and other fun stuff :-)

The course is recommended for

  • Personal agencies, executive search companies, corporations and individual HR workers

On top of skills you gain

  • Increasing productivity in IT recruitment, filling more IT positions and gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Utilizing acquired knowledge in the IT sector for recruitment purposes and improving business performance.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by improving search techniques.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness and success rate of recruiting for hard-to-fill positions.
  • Improving the performance of IT teams.


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  • Can you do your course directly for our company in our branch office?

    Yes, our lectors will be glad to go to your company, instruct you and they will be also happy to adapt the course content to your needs. We also offer tailor-made courses and consultations.
  • Do you organize courses only in Czech republic or also abroad?

    Our lectors have courses including Czech republic as well abroad (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Malta etc.)
  • Where are your courses held?

    Our courses are held in the heart of Prague on Wenceslaw Square in the Palace Koruna. Exceptionally there are courses in Brno or in other cities.

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You can call us at +420 773 251 186 

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José Kadlec

José Kadlec

José is the founder of GoodCall and Recruitment Academy. He started with the background of software engineer as an unconventional headhunter and talent sourcing architect. He is the author of People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment. He is a lector of the Recruitment Engineering video course and the author of professional articles and moderator of podcast Inhuman resources. José is also the first officially certified LinkedIn recruiter in Central and Eastern Europe.