Talent Sourcing

Techniques of searching and approaching candidates on LinkedIn and other social media

José Kadlec, the first certified LinkedIn recruiter in Eastern and Central Europe and world-class expert and pioneer in social media recruitment solutions, reveals his recruitment know-how. You finally have the opportunity to take part in this unique course designed for internal and agency recruiters, but also entrepreneurs and “startupreneurs” who have taken staffing into their own hands. This course will increase your productivity level and help you fill more positions, giving you a competitive advantage. Through Josef’s detailed breakdown you will master a variety of techniques needed to excel in outbound recruitment.

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What you learn in the course

Module 1 - An introduction to digital talent sourcing

  • Labor markets - data and situational analysis.
  • Both current and future trends in online recruitment.
  • The most recent innovations in talent sourcing.
  • Defining outbound recruitment strategies.
  • Significance of social media in modern day recruitment.

Module 2 – Searching and targeting candidates on social media

  • Where to search for candidates online.
  • Maximizing the use of LinkedIn People Search.
  • How to uncover hidden resources containing relevant candidates (ie. hidden talent pools).
  • When is upgrading to a paid LinkedIn account worthwhile?
  • How to work around or replace most LinkedIn paid services at no cost.
  • What is a Boolean search and why is it a part of successful recruiters’ daily routine?
  • Defining boolean operators, modifiers and search commands.
  • X-Ray search and how to target and filter LinkedIn users through internet search-engines.
  • Searching across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte and more.
  • Searching on specialized platforms, like Dribbble, Behance, Bitbucket, Github, StackOverflow, About.me etc.
  • Legally evading limitations, for example, LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit, limit for the number of candidates shown in results, displaying candidates outside of your network. etc.
  • Using external tools for the daily needs of both recruiters and talent sourcers.
  • Automating the candidate search process.

Module 3 - Successfully contacting candidates for hard-to-fill positions

  • Finding the contact information of any user under any circumstances.
  • Determining the email address of almost any user around the world.
  • Determining which forms of contacting candidates are the most effective.
  • Measuring the effectivity of contacting candidates and improving the success rate.
  • Creating messages that candidates won’t ignore.
  • Facilitating recruiters’ and talent sourcers’ daily routines using a set of specific sourcing plugins.
  • Approaching automation - how to send robotic customized LinkedIn invitations on autopilot and other forms of automation.

Module 4 - Personal branding for recruiters and talent sourcers

  • Analyzing the most important factors of LinkedIn and Facebook profiles when used for recruitment.
  • Customizing your Facebook profile, so work doesn’t interfere with your private profile.
  • Defining a recruiter’s main networking objectives.
  • Effectively increasing the number of social media contacts (LinkedIn, Facebook ect.) without getting blocked.

The course is recommended for

  • HR employees, recruiters, headhunters, HR specialists and HR generalists
  • Recruitment agencies, executive search companies and external HR employees
  • Hiring managers and other managers involved in hiring process
  • Directors, board members and owners of companies

Goals of the course

  • Utilizing the benefits of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms for recruitment demands and boosting business performance.
  • Reducing recruitment costs using social media.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by improving search techniques and discovering previously hidden resources containing potential candidates.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness and success rate of recruiting for hard-to-fill positions.
  • Expanding the number of relevant candidates.
  • Implementing changes for more progressive social media use.
  • Automate parts of the recruitment process and improve team performance.


Training dates

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References of Attendees

If you want to become a successful recruiter, Talent Sourcing is a mandatory training for your professional future.
Marek Sedláček, Recruitment Director


  • How can I use your certified program in my professional life?

    The graduate of the certification program will get familiar with complex recruitment strategies and gain credibility of his knowledge and experiences in HR and recruitment environment.
  • Is it necessary to complete one certification course after another?

    It is not required to complete certifications RACS and RACR one after the other. It depends on your current work experience which has to be at a sufficient level to pass the final certification exam. Nevertheless we recommend to complete certifications gradually due to the course content.
  • Is it necessary to complete one module of certification course after another or on the same day?

    It is not required to complete half or one day modules in the listed order. You can complete any of the modules anytime and gradually get RACS or RACR certification.
  • If I attended your RACS certification and I am interested in the follow-up RACR, is it enough for me to complete 3rd and 4th day of the certification?

    Yes, you can follow up on RACS by completing 3rd and 4th day only and recieve the RACR certification.
  • Could you provide your courses directly for our company in our branch office?

    Yes, our lectors will be glad to come to your company, train you and they will also be happy to adapt the course content to your needs. We offer tailor-made courses and consultations.
  • Do you organize courses only in the Czech Republic or also abroad?

    Our lectors provide courses in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Malta etc.)
  • Where are your courses held?

    Our courses are held in the heart of Prague on Wenceslaw Square in the Palace Koruna. Exceptionally there are courses in Brno or in other cities.

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José Kadlec

José Kadlec

José is a former software engineer, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing stagnant industries like recruitment through analytical strategies and technological advancements since 2006. 

José co-founded the 140-employee recruitment titan, GoodCall, along with ATS provider Datacruit and the recruitment certification authority Recruitment Academy. With a decade-long presence in the market, these enterprises have received accolades, including recognition in Deloitte‘s TOP50 and Financial Times FT1000.

He is the author of two pillar books in the recruitment space - People as Merchandise and HR Robo Sapiens.