Recruitment Academy Certified Sourcer & Certified Recruiter

Recruitment Academy certifications are the most comprehensive international training programs for HR and recruitment specialists

Recruitment Academy certifications are the most comprehensive international training programs for HR and recruitment specialists and they have two levels: Certified Sourcer (RACS) and Certified Recruiter (RACS+R).


11 experts from companies such as Red Bull, Deloitte Legal and GoodCall contribute to the content of the program. They cover different topics, for example talent sourcing, recruitment automation, recruitment efficiency measuring, employer branding, job ad creation, psychology in recruitment, personal branding for HR, and diversity recruiting and many others.


Each level of the certification training ends with an online test which has to be passed to obtain an international certification supported by:

  • All members of the Recruitment Academy advisory board with Jan Mühlfeit, former president of Microsoft Europe as its head

  • Corporate credibility partners Nestlé, Deloitte, L’Oréal, Faurecia and others.

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What you learn in the course

Certified Sourcer (RACS)

Before you start to analyze and improve your recruitment activities, you need to look at market data and trends that affect the labor market. These will most likely significantly affect your options. This module, led by José Kadlec from Recruitment Academy, GoodCall and Datacruit will introduce the main talent sourcing developments, recruitment trends and job market metrics.

  • Talent sourcing funnel data
  • Social media recruitment pipeline breakdown
  • Fundamental open-source talent mapping techniques
  • Eduployment as a new staffing trend on demanding job markets
  • New skills which every talent sourcer and recruiter needs to grasp

Milan Novák, CEO of GoodCall and a recruitment expert with more than 20 years experience in the field of recruitment, analyzes the main aspects and pitfalls of individual phases on the path of a candidate starting from finding him to onboarding him in the company.

  • Setting up the recruitment process and its parts
  • Active and passive candidate vs. Inbound and Outbound strategies
  • Candidate Experience in the recruitment process
  • Aspects of the recruitment process and mistakes to avoid
  • How to attract and engage the candidate in the various stages of recruitment process

In this section, Milan focuses on the new trend and explains the importance of diversity, inclusion and prejudice in modern recruitment and the reasons why you will not avoid this trend.

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Typical biases explained: gender, ethnic, racial, age, sexual orientation, physical disability, education background
  • How does it inhibit the diversity in hiring?
  • Explanation of Affinity Bias, Confirmation Bias, Group Thinking, The Halo Effect
  • Intuitive VS. Structured approach - how to collect comparable data?
  • Focus on skills (BEI Behavioral Event Interview strategy)

José Kadlec, the first certified LinkedIn recruiter in Eastern and Central Europe, world-class expert and pioneer in social media recruitment solutions and co-founder of companies GoodCall, Recruitment Academy and Datacruit, reveals his recruitment know-how. This module mainly analyzes the search for candidates anywhere online and will help you fill more positions and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Both current and future trends in online recruitment
  • The most recent innovations in talent sourcing
  • Significance of social media in modern day recruitment
  • Where to search for candidates online
  • Maximizing the use of LinkedIn People Search
  • How to uncover hidden resources containing relevant candidates (ie. hidden talent pools)
  • When is upgrading to a paid LinkedIn account worthwhile?
  • How to work around or replace most LinkedIn paid services at no cost
  • What is a Boolean search and why is it a part of successful recruiters’ daily routine?
  • Defining boolean operators, modifiers and search commands
  • X-Ray search and how to target and filter LinkedIn users through internet search-engines
  • Searching across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, Vkontakte and more
  • Searching on specialized platforms, like Dribbble, Behance, Bitbucket, Github, StackOverflow, etc.
  • Legally evading limitations, for example, LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit, limit for the number of candidates shown in results, displaying candidates outside of your network. etc.
  • Using external tools for the daily needs of both recruiters and talent sourcers
  • Work with sourcing checklist and sourcing stack of tools and plugins

Former software engineer and ethical hacker, José Kadlec, will use his technical knowledge to show you how to find an email address or phone number for virtually anyone, and also show you tools and plugins that will help you significantly with online recruitment.

  • Finding the contact information of any user under any circumstances
  • Determining the email address of almost any user around the world
  • Determining which forms of contacting candidates are the most effective
  • Measuring the effectivity of contacting candidates and improving the success rate
  • Creating messages that candidates won’t ignore
  • Facilitating recruiters’ and talent sourcers’ daily routines using a set of specific sourcing plugins
  • Approaching automation - how to send robotic customized LinkedIn invitations on autopilot and other forms of automation

No presentation, no slides, no theory - only you, lecturer José Kadlec and thorough practice of searching for candidates on all possible platforms for your specific real positions. In this module, José will also show how to do practical market mapping with candidates from publicly available sources.

  • Practicing the right search process for specific job positions on various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere
  • How to find the maximum possible candidates using different search models - iterative, semantic, implicit, linguistic, etc.
  • Practicing the correct use of so-called Boolean operators
  • Specification of procedures that can reveal other places on LinkedIn, Facebook and other online resources with potential candidates
  • Practice specifying a shortlist with candidates so that we don't lose anyone relevant
  • Ensuring an efficient process so that the search is time efficient
  • Practice searching via Internet search engines (so-called X-ray search)
  • The largest employers of specific professions, skills, nationalities, etc.
  • Mapping of locations with the talent you need
  • Which company uses which technology
  • What is the education and experience of people with certain specialization
  • Who's Hiring
  • Who’s Firing

A job ad is an ad text. They have to sell and reach the target group well. It depends on the title, perex, length, syllabus and many other parameters. Blake Wittman will teach you how to create an effective job advertisement that will raise the number of candidates for your position several times over.

  • How to write an ad that will reach your target group
  • How to write an ad that will sell your position
  • What to focus on when writing an advertisement
  • What parameters are important when creating an advertisement
  • How to increase the number of registered candidates thanks to a correctly written advertisement

In this module, José Kadlec will show you practical steps on how to define your personal brand if you are a recruiter, talent sourcer or HR manager and how to activate it through social networks, content creation and other tools.

This module will help not only recruitment specialists, but also companies that need to use the personal brand of their employees to build corporate goals such as better recruitment or building an employer brand.

  • The importance of personal branding for HR specialists and hiring managers
  • Examples of posts on social networks and how to create expert content effectively
  • What are the main networking goals of a successful recruiter
  • A technical overview of all social media formats, including those you probably didn't know about
  • How to ensure the maximum reach of your contributions
  • How to get at least 200 likes for each of your posts
  • How to get 30,000 LinkedIn followers in a year or less
  • Automate routine tasks such as sending LinkedIn invitations
  • Analysis of the most important parts of LinkedIn and Facebook profile for recruitment
  • How to effectively increase the number of LinkedIn, Facebook and other contacts without blocking your account

Certified Recruiter (RACS+R) - first part is shared with RACS

Do you rely on intuition to choose the right candidate, or do you apply science-proven techniques and approaches to interviewing methods? And which of these two options will ensure us the right choice of candidate? What personality types are there and how to reveal them during the interview? How to avoid recruiting a problematic personality type? The top practical psychologist Jan Zenaty will guide you through all these topics and situations.

  • How to organize a successful selection interview
  • Nonverbal and verbal communication (what to say and not to say, what to do and not to do)
  • How to conclude an interview contract with a candidate and therefore increase openness and will to share
  • Traditional selection interview
  • Behavioral selection interview
  • Interview by competence
  • Stress selection interview
  • Communication and offer negotiation
  • Problematic types

A lie is a problematic phenomenon. It can rarely be distinguished from the truth with 100% certainty. Paula Ekman's method is one of the most helpful techniques for interview conducting, with an up to 90% accuracy rate when used by professionals. Its tremendous advantage lies in its non-invasive approach - the candidate doesn't feel like they're being interrogated. The only certified cat of this method in the Czech Republic, Jan Zenaty, who was trained by a specialty for interrogations from Scotland Yard, will guide you through this module.

  • Reading emotions from facial expressions by Paul Ekman (subtle, macro and micro emotional expressions)
  • Model of disguising and fabricating - how emotional and cognitive stress is displayed when lying
  • The golden rules of uncovering lies
  • Consistency and spontaneity analysis
  • 5 communication channels (face, body, voice, style and content)
  • Practice of identifying inconsistencies in communication - technique of HoT Spot observation
  • Video analysis
  • Practical exercises using the Ekman method to conduct interviews

Romana Martincova, Head of HR at Red Bull and former HR and TA manager at L’Oréal will teach you where to start if you want to build an employer's strategic brand. She will explain the procedure and individual steps of strategic employer branding. She will also say, for example, how to involve a new "phygital" phenomenon in employer branding or why candidate experience is important.

  • Determine the target group
  • Create attractive and authentic campaign content
  • Involve employees in content creation
  • Link internal EVP with external communication campaign
  • Obtain internal management support for investments in employer branding
  • Various activation tools and campaigns
  • Work with social media for the purpose of building the employer's brand
  • Create a concept of a successful employer branding strategy
  • Demonstration of the practical application of a successful strategic approach of employer branding to a specific FMCG company

In this module, technologist and entrepreneur José Kadlec uses the term transhuman recruitment, which expresses the way we can increase our productivity, fill more positions or fill them faster by automating and robotizing the recruiter's daily tasks.

  • What can be automated in recruitment process
  • Native automation which is already part of LinkedIn
  • Description of external tools for automation of individual parts of recruitment process
  • How to save time and make it a day more and with less effort
  • Case-study: Detailed description of how to automate the distribution of personalized LinkedIn invitations, messages and InMail

The need for long-distance cooperation and the extreme reduction in opportunities for face-to-face meetings and communication have restricted us in many ways. We are therefore forced to look for alternative methods for getting to know candidates as well as developing and supporting employees - and psychodiagnostics is one of them. Your guide through this module will be Eliska Sonska Steklikova, who has experience with the use of various psychodiagnostic tools in startups and corporations, as an external consultant and internal HR, and is in close contact with the academic environment, where new tools are created and the effectiveness of existing methods is verified.

  • How the current state of the labor market affected the use of psychodiagnostics in companies
  • What (new) psychodiagnostic tools are available on the market
  • Based on what parameters you can assess the quality of the methods you will encounter in practice
  • How to effectively use the potential of psychodiagnostic methods by using them throughout the entire life cycle of the employee - how to use psychodiagnostics to support, for example, the selection, engagement or well-being of your colleagues

Modern recruitment combined with new digital technologies such as social networks, online interviews, robotization and digital databases with artificial intelligence bring new challenges in terms of legislation. Deloitte Legal Partner and expert in Czech and international labor law Jan Prochazka will guide you through the legal aspects of recruitment.

  • What you must NOT ask during an interview
  • Implementation of GDPR and its best-practise
  • Legal binding of the job offer
  • Trial period and how to set it up
  • Competition clauses in practice
  • Aspects of home office and remote work

The use of HR data is still in its infancy. If we cannot properly measure and evaluate our activities and processes, then we cannot improve them either. In this module Milan Novak analyzes key success indicators in the recruitment process. He explains how to interpret this data in order to successfully manage the whole recruitment process. We will answer the following questions: Why are some recruiters successful and some not? How to set your personal goals and grow both personally and professionally?

  • Use of data in HR
  • Overview of key success indicators in recruitment
  • Benchmarking of global and local recruitment statistics
  • Performance and quality metrics in recruitment and their optimization
  • Setting individual and team goals
  • Agile approach to recruitment

The course is recommended for

  • HRists, HR specialists & generalists, recruiters, headhunters

  • Recruitment agency consultants, executive search companies or external HR workers

  • University students or other people who would like to start their career in HR and recruitment

  • Anybody who wants to deepen their knowledge and obtain the most complex education in the field of modern recruitment

What you will get

  • 30 hours of pre-recorded & live sessions,
  • you get unlimited access to the platform with all content,
  • the opportunity to get a certification guaranteed by the advisory board of Recruitment Academy and credibility partners such as Nestlé, Red Bull, Deloitte and more,
  • courses with renowned experts such as Jose Kadlec, Jan Mühlfeit, Romana Martincova, Blake Wittman, Milan Novak and more,
  • complex education in HR reflecting the current market situation,
  • you will become one of the internationally recognized certified HR specialists.


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References of Attendees

In my opinion, the Recruitment Academy covered all important topics within recruitment.  I especially liked live sourcing examples and tips and tricks that can make our everyday life easier.

Vildana Deljkic Velasco Rico, Talent Acquisition Specialist

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José Kadlec

José Kadlec

José is a former software engineer, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing stagnant industries like recruitment through analytical strategies and technological advancements since 2006. 

José co-founded the 140-employee recruitment titan, GoodCall, along with ATS provider Datacruit and the recruitment certification authority Recruitment Academy. With a decade-long presence in the market, these enterprises have received accolades, including recognition in Deloitte‘s TOP50 and Financial Times FT1000.

He is the author of two pillar books in the recruitment space - People as Merchandise and HR Robo Sapiens.

Milan Novák

Milan Novák

Milan is CEO and co-founder of recruitment agency Goodcall and training institution Recruitment Academy. He has implemented recruitment and talent strategies since 2000. Before starting his own business, Milan served as Branch Manager, Country Manager and Regional Managing Director CEE for Grafton Recruitment and was a member of the board of Grafton Europe. He led an agency with more than 350 employees. Milan is a member of the APPS (Association of Personnel Services Providers).
Blake Wittman

Blake Wittman

European Business Manager

Business Manager of the GoodGroup platform including the agency GoodCallRecruitment Academy and Datacruit. He is in charge of business development and sales activities of the group. During his rich career he has been mainly taking advantage of his exceptional skills in sales and client management. He has experience with both corporates and startups.

Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit is a global strategist, mentor, coach, and author of the bestseller The Positive Leader (Pearson 2016) / Positive Leader (Albatros Media 2017). His personal mission is to help individuals, organizations and countries around the world unlock their human potential. In cooperation with Kateřina Novotná, they have designed courses for parents, children and students, with their newest book Unlocking Children's Potential released in September 2018 (Albatros Media 2018).
Jan J. Ženatý

Jan J. Ženatý

Jan is a psychologist, consultant, coach and trainer with more than 12 years of experience. He managed a team of experts at QED Group. He supported companies during mergers and acquisitions, helped to implement changes to company cultures and organized hundreds of training sessions for managers and specialists in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. Jan is an accredited trainer by Paul Ekman International.

Romana Martincová

Romana Martincová

Romana is the Head of HR at Red Bull for Czech and Slovak Republic. Formerly she worked as HR and Employer Brand Manager for L’Oréal. In GoodCall and Reed Specialist Recruitment she managed recruitment teams specializing in headhunting and direct recruitment. 
Eliška Šonská Steklíková

Eliška Šonská Steklíková

Chief People Care Officer at GoodCall

Eliška is a Chief People Care Officer at GoodCall where she has been working since company's foundation. She is a graduate of Psychology and Andragogy at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, where she still teaches two subjects - Psychology in personal management and Adaptability of people to changes in working conditions. For more than 10 years she has been working in the field of psychodiagnostics in recruitment and personal development in internal HR but also as an external consultant.

Jan Procházka

Jan Procházka

Jan Procházka is a lawyer at Deloitte Legal. He focuses on corporate, contract and labor law. He assists his clients in the management of everyday legal matters and in resolving legal disputes both in court and out of court. He has many years of experience from projects aimed at company reorganizations. He is a member of the German law firm and provides comprehensive legal advice in German as well.

Tomáš Faust

Tomáš Faust

Tomáš is Sourcer and Recruiter in GoodCall. He has been raising the bar of Czech recruitment for several years already. He is a fan of innovative recruitment practices and is always happy to test non-traditional communication tools. His strongest recruitment weapon is the written word. In GoodCall he is also responsible for internal training of communication with candidates.