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Do you need help solving a specific problem with recruitment in your company? The Recruitment Academy experts are here for you.

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Recruitment audit

Do you want to find the weak points of your recruitment process? Do you want to benchmark your recruitment data with the rest of the market? We can offer you our recruitment audit service during which we will conclude the current state of your recruitment process through surveys, meetings with the HR staff (or hiring managers) and external analysis (of job ads, social media, career pages, etc.). Eventually we can propose specific actions to improve your process.

Creating a strategy for talent sourcing and recruitment

Our experts have experience with building the largest talent sourcing centre in Central and Eastern Europe. They have immense knowledge of technologies, procedures, benchmarks and people and process management techniques necessary for building recruiting teams and proposing recruitment strategies for individual markets.

Employee value proposition (EVP) workshops

If you have not yet created an EVP (Employee Value Proposition) or if you have not customized it to your local market, we can help you change that by organizing a series of workshops for you.

Analysis of your competition’s recruitment activities

Do you have to report your competition’s recruitment activies to a management board? We will analyse all recruitment activities including social media, recruitment campaigns, job posting websites and career pages of other companies in your field. Based on that we will prepare a detailed report.

Corporate training

Our consultants do not only participate in open courses, they can also tailor trainings specifically for your company’s needs. We will customize the content based on your work field and the group of participants. We are happy to travel anywhere in Europe to do the training.

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Globally recognized experts

Our lecturers have rich work experience and regularly speak out and share their expertise at conferences all over the world.

We have trained over 700

97% of the participants recommend
our courses to others.

"At the Recruitment Academy, I appreciate the time for practicing the acquired knowledge, having discussions, sharing experiences, inspiration, and motivation that drives people to improve their recruitment efficiency. I like that the portfolio includes courses for beginners and has more experienced colleagues in the field. "

Jiří Hůlek, Executive Search Consultant & Recruiter

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Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit

Chairman of the board

Jan Mühlfeit is a global strategist, mentor, coach and author of bestseller The Positive Leader (Pearson 2016) / Positive Leader (Albatros Media 2017). His personal mission is to help individuals, organizations and countries around the world unlock their human potential. In cooperation with Kateřina Novotná, they have designed courses for parents, children and students, with their newest book Unlocking Children's Potential released in September 2018 (Albatros Media 2018).

Josef Kadlec

Josef Kadlec

CEO of Recruitment Academy

Founder of the companies GoodCall and Recruitment Academy. Unconventional headhunter and talent sourcing architect. Author of People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to Linkedin Recruitment. Instructor for the Recruitment Engineering course and creator of the Hireconomics recruitment show. First officially certified LinkedIn recruiter for Eastern and Central Europe.

Jan J. Ženatý

Jan J. Ženatý

Board member

Jan is a psychologist, consultant, coach and trainer with more than 12 years of experience. He worked and managed a team of experts at QED Group. He supported companies during mergers and acquisitions, helped to implement changes to company cultures and organized hundreds of trainings for managers and specialists in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. Jan is an accredited trainer by Paul Ekman International.