Recruitment Engineering in the Transhuman Age

I haven’t written a self-help book yet, but if I did and merged it with the recruitment industry it would be called: "Recruiters are from Mars, Candidates are from New Jersey". Recruiters create artificial robots and fly around in augmented reality but candidates are subjected to boring LinkedIn invitations or a telephone call. We hear it from everywhere - virtual reality, mixed reality, chatbots, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and others. But what is really your competitive advantage on today's sourcing market?

Learn the ropes of recruitment engineering from the recruitment practitioner and a former software engineer who founded the talent sourcing center and recruitment agency with over 140 employees in 5 years on the most competitive job market with the lowest unemployment rate in EU.

  • How to dominate the recruitment market through people & tech
  • Which operating sourcing model is the most optimal and what is the data behind the most successful sourcers and 360-degree recruiters
  • 5 practical rules how to become a competitive recruiter or sourcer
  • Recommended sourcing & recruitment stack
  • The future of sourcing and what emerging technologies are applicable already today
  • Business personal branding as the most underestimated element of today's HR marketing




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José Kadlec

José Kadlec

José is a former software engineer, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing stagnant industries like recruitment through analytical strategies and technological advancements since 2006. 

José co-founded the 140-employee recruitment titan, GoodCall, along with ATS provider Datacruit and the recruitment certification authority Recruitment Academy. With a decade-long presence in the market, these enterprises have received accolades, including recognition in Deloitte‘s TOP50 and Financial Times FT1000.

He is the author of two pillar books in the recruitment space - People as Merchandise and HR Robo Sapiens.