Recruitment Software Selection and Overview of the HRtech Market

The automation of human resources and the introduction of new innovative technologies are accelerating at a high pace. Efficiency of recruitment processes, collaboration with colleagues, online communication, and the ability to generate data will be crucial in the future. HR is becoming more and more a data-based environment. The amount of data in the companies is growing, and the proper use of this data will be critical for right managerial decisions.

If you are considering how to embark on this wave of recruitment automation, then this course is exactly for you.

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What you learn in the course

  • Modern recruitment technologies
  • Why you need ATS / CRM to communicate with candidates and managers
  • How to set criteria that are really important for your recruitment process and how to take this into account when choosing the right technology
  • What to be careful about when choosing a recruitment app

The course is recommended for

  • Recruiters and HR professionals
  • HR managers, HR project managers, recruitment managers
  • Owners of companies interested in recruitment processes


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Zdeněk Bajer

Zdeněk Bajer

CEO and Founder of Datacruit
Zdenek has been working in the field of recruitment technology since 2005. His professional approach and commitment to find new ways of using technology make him one of the leading experts on the market.  For many years he led IT in one of the most successful recruitment agencies in Europe. Since 2014, he helps companies to more productive and more efficient recruitment.