Recruitment metrics and personal development of recruiters

Optimizing the recruitment process and meeting the recruiter's personal goals

The use of HR data is still in its infancy. If we cannot properly measure and evaluate our activities and processes, then we cannot improve them either. A well-developed recruitment process leads to positive candidate experience and efficiency within the company. We can save both time and money. In this module we look at the best practices in the market and learn how top companies reduce recruitment time and save on costs. Why are some recruiters successful and some not? How to set your personal goals and grow both personally and professionally? These topics are also a part of the module to help start or move your career in recruitment forward.

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You can enroll in the course as part of certification RACR® - Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter.

What you learn in the course

  • Use of data in HR
  • Overview of key success indicators in recruitment
  • Benchmarking of global and local recruitment statistics
  • Performance and quality metrics in recruitment
  • Setting individual and team goals

The course is recommended for

  • HR employees, recruiters, headhunters, HR specialists and HR generalists
  • Recruitment agencies, executive search companies and external HR employees
  • Hiring managers and other managers involved in hiring process
  • Directors, board members and owners of companies

Goals of the course

  • Use data to optimize the process

  • Manage the performance of individuals and teams

  • Set goals for yourself and the team

  • Get an overview of data in HR
  • Start to base your decisions more on data (data-driven)


Training dates

The training takes place from 13:00 to 16:30.

(You can enroll in the course as part of certification RACR® - Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter.)

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  • How can I use your certified program in my professional life?

    The graduate of the certification program will get familiar with complex recruitment strategies and gain credibility of his knowledge and experiences in HR and recruitment environment.
  • Is it necessary to complete one certification course after another?

    It is not required to complete certifications RACS and RACR one after the other. It depends on your current work experience which has to be at a sufficient level to pass the final certification exam. Nevertheless we recommend to complete certifications gradually due to the course content.
  • Is it necessary to complete one module of certification course after another or on the same day?

    It is not required to complete half or one day modules in the listed order. You can complete any of the modules anytime and gradually get RACS or RACR certification.
  • If I attended your RACS certification and I am interested in the follow-up RACR, is it enough for me to complete 3rd and 4th day of the certification?

    Yes, you can follow up on RACS by completing 3rd and 4th day only and recieve the RACR certification.

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Milan Novák

Milan Novák

Milan is CEO and co-founder of recruitment agency Goodcall and training institution Recruitment Academy. He has implemented recruitment and talent strategies since 2000. Before starting his own business, Milan served as Branch Manager, Country Manager and Regional Managing Director CEE for Grafton Recruitment and was a member of the board of Grafton Europe. He led an agency with more than 350 employees. Milan is a member of the APPS (Association of Personnel Services Providers).