Psychodiagnostics in HR

Overview of methods and tools of psychological diagnostics to improve the quality and effectiveness of selection and the development of people in organizations

Properly chosen psychodiagnostics can help better map the personality, abilities, motives and potential of the candidate or employee. In many cases, this knowledge can significantly speed up and refine.

Psychodiagnostic testing will ensure a higher degree of objectivity of the acquired knowledge and offer extended possibilities of comparison with general standards or a specific comparative group. It can also help you better identify individuals capable of exceptional stylization or hidden talents among candidates - and more consistently guard your return on investment in recruitment or development.

This training will give you a comprehensive and realistic overview of the possibilities offered by psychodiagnostics and psychometry in HR. We will introduce the specific tools you can use to transform and more effectively use the information gained during the recruitment phase into the next stages of the employee cycle across personnel activities. You will be able to try some of the personality and performance psychodiagnostics methods yourself. This gives you the chance to become a true talent management expert!

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You can enroll in the course as part of certification RACR® - Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter.

What you learn in the course

  • You will learn how to distinguish a quality psychodiagnostic tool from poor quality.
  • You will find out what aspects to consider in order to be able to properly assess situations where it makes sense to invest in psychodiagnostics and when not. 
  • You will get an overview of the methods available on the Czech market, their advantages and disadvantages and price relations.
  • You will learn about key terms used in this field, such as adaptivity, validity, reliability, scores, comparison group, interpretation, cut off, impression management, etc.
  • You will clarify the arguments that you can use if you want to enforce psychodiagnostics in HR processes in your organization.
  • You will be able to go through high-quality performance and personality psychodiagnostics and get feedback on it - and experience for yourself what it is to be in the position of a tested person, but also reflect the role of the submitter, evaluator and interpreter of psychodiagnostic test results.
  • You will learn how to ensure ethics and professional use of psychodiagnostic methods.
  • You will find out how to identify the appropriate psychodiagnostic tool for your specific needs.
  • You will get tips on relevant deepening literature in your area of ​​interest.

The course is recommended for

  • HR Employees, Recruiters, Headhunters, HR Specialists and Generalists who help to make the most of or develop the potential and skills of candidates or current employees.

  • Recruitment Agency or Executive Search Consultants or external HR employees who want to provide their clients with additional added value beyond the search and recruitment of candidates - the ability to advise on what tools to use to identify “the right one”.

  • To all those who encounter psychodiagnostic methods in their work and would like to be more confident in their application or would like to include their use in their repertoire.

Goals of the course

  • Recognize quality psychodiagnostic methods and understand the tools available on the market.

  • Adequately evaluate situations where it makes sense to invest in psychodiagnostics and when not.

  • Work with psychodiagnostic tools in accordance with ethical principles.

  • Make the selection phase of the most suitable candidate more effective.

  • Evaluate when it is appropriate to use a performance and when a personality test.

  • Maximize your knowledge of the job applicant's personality, skills, motives and potential.

  • Improve recruitment efficiency and success and positively influence ROI.

  • Identify relevant psychodiagnostic methods for employee development so that the organization can fully exploit the potential of employees to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

  • Work with psychodiagnostics across personnel activities in the organization complexly.

  • Increase the added value of your business partnering and erudition of your counseling to colleagues across teams or client base.


Training dates

The training takes place from 9:00 to 12:00.

(You can enroll in the course as part of certification RACR® - Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter.)

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  • How can I use your certified program in my professional life?

    The graduate of the certification program will get familiar with complex recruitment strategies and gain credibility of his knowledge and experiences in HR and recruitment environment.
  • Is it necessary to complete one certification course after another?

    It is not required to complete certifications RACS and RACR one after the other. It depends on your current work experience which has to be at a sufficient level to pass the final certification exam. Nevertheless we recommend to complete certifications gradually due to the course content.
  • Is it necessary to complete one module of certification course after another or on the same day?

    It is not required to complete half or one day modules in the listed order. You can complete any of the modules anytime and gradually get RACS or RACR certification.
  • If I attended your RACS certification and I am interested in the follow-up RACR, is it enough for me to complete 3rd and 4th day of the certification?

    Yes, you can follow up on RACS by completing 3rd and 4th day only and recieve the RACR certification.

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Eliška Šonská Steklíková

Eliška Šonská Steklíková

Chief People Care Officer at GoodCall

Eliška is a Chief People Care Officer at GoodCall where she has been working since company's foundation. She is a graduate of Psychology and Andragogy at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, where she still teaches two subjects - Psychology in personal management and Adaptability of people to changes in working conditions. For more than 10 years she has been working in the field of psychodiagnostics in recruitment and personal development in internal HR but also as an external consultant.

Barbora Riedl Černíková

Barbora Riedl Černíková

Barbora graduated in Psychology at Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University in Prague. In her thesis she elaborated the burnout syndrome of academic staff which she further describes within her current doctoral studies. She has been working in various consulting companies since 2012 - in Deloitte she worked on managerial position in the field of education and development and currently she leads a branch of the company SHL, which focuses on application of psychodiagnostic tools in recruitment and evaluation of employees.