Modern Psychodiagnostic Tools

How to get to know candidates faster, more accurately, objectively - and remotely?

In the past, psychodiagnostic testing was a clear choice, especially in recruitment. It was most often used in companies that experienced a large interest from candidates and were forced to filter through them effectively in the initial stages of the selection process, or in companies that in the end had to decide among a few candidates of comparable quality.

Usually, psychodiagnostics was just one of the many pieces of the "puzzle" that is a recruitment process. However, the need for long-distance cooperation and the extreme reduction in opportunities for face-to-face meetings and communication have restricted us in many ways. We are therefore forced to look for alternative methods for getting to know candidates as well as developing and supporting employees - and psychodiagnostics is one of them.

Could psychodiagnostics help replace at least some phases of employee selection or development in your company? Are you using its full potential? Which new tools would help increase the efficiency of your internal processes?

Your guide will be Eliška Šonská Steklíková, who has experience with the use of various psychodiagnostic tools in startups and corporations, as an external consultant and internal HR, and is in close contact with the academic environment, where new tools are created and the effectiveness of existing methods is verified.

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What you learn in the course

  • How the pandemic affected the use of psychodiagnostics in companies.

  • What (new) psychodiagnostic tools are available on the market.

  • Based on what parameters you can assess the quality of the methods you will encounter in practice.

  • How to effectively use the potential of psychodiagnostic methods by using them throughout the entire life cycle of the employee - how to use psychodiagnostics to support, for example, the selection, engagement or well-being of your colleagues.

The course is recommended for

  • CEOs, directors, company owners and board members

  • HR managers, HR directors, HR professionals

  • Managers, business owners who are interested in the efficient use of resources for the selection and development of employees

  • People active in the labor market who want to get acquainted with the methods currently used in recruitment processes

  • Employees who want to have a better overview of methods for their growth

Goals of the course

  • Choose the most suitable psychodiagnostic methods for your company.

  • Assess the quality of psychodiagnostic methods offered on the market.

  • You will have an overview of current trends and opportunities in the field of online psychodiagnostics.


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Eliška Šonská Steklíková

Eliška Šonská Steklíková

Chief People Care Officer at GoodCall

Eliška is a Chief People Care Officer at GoodCall where she has been working since company's foundation. She is a graduate of Psychology and Andragogy at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, where she still teaches two subjects - Psychology in personal management and Adaptability of people to changes in working conditions. For more than 10 years she has been working in the field of psychodiagnostics in recruitment and personal development in internal HR but also as an external consultant.