Diversity Recruiting

Meaning of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias in modern recruitment

The goal of the Diversity Recruiting Training is to further educate recruitment professionals. Participants will learn about unconscious bias and how it effects the recruiting process of new employees. It also focuses on gender diversity in recruitment. The course is composed of a theoretical and practical part where the participants will uncover their own biases.

This course is part of the discounted package Digital HR Leaders.

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What you learn in the course

Theoretical part

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Typical biases explained: gender, ethnic, racial, age, sexual orientation, physical disability, education background.
  • How does it inhibit the diversity in hiring?
  • Explanation of Affinity Bias, Confirmation Bias, Group Thinking, The Halo Effect.

Interactive part

  • Are you biased?
  • Gender Bias Exercises.
  • Candidate photos Exercise.
  • Sample CVs - Halo Effect.
  • Intuitive VS. Structured approach - how to collect comparable data?
  • Focus on skills (BEI strategy).

The course is recommended for

  • Recruiters, HR specialists, team leaders and management

Goals of the course

  • How to be aware of unconscious bias when hiring the top talent?
  • How to avoid traditional hiring mistakes?
  • Improving your interviewing and candidate selection capabilities.
  • Structuring (standardizing) the interview to get comparable data.
  • Focus on relevant information to avoid bias.


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  • Can you do your course directly for our company in our branch office?

    Yes, our lectors will be glad to go to your company, instruct you and they will be also happy to adapt the course content to your needs. We also offer tailor-made courses and consultations.
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    Our lectors have courses including Czech republic as well abroad (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Malta etc.)
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    Our courses are held in the heart of Prague on Wenceslaw Square in the Palace Koruna. Exceptionally there are courses in Brno or in other cities.

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Milan Novák

Milan Novák

Milan is CEO and co-founder of recruitment agency Goodcall and training institution Recruitment Academy. He has implemented recruitment and talent strategies since 2000. Before starting his own business, Milan served as Branch Manager, Country Manager and Regional Managing Director CEE for Grafton Recruitment and was a member of the board of Grafton Europe. He led an agency with more than 350 employees. Milan is a member of the APPS (Association of Personnel Services Providers).