AI-Powered HR Excellence

Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence for HR Professionals, Recruiters, and HR Marketers

From the beginning, José Kadlec's mission has been to transform rigid industries through modern technology and analytical methods. Hence, it's no surprise that as a software engineer, he won't overlook milestones like AI tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Whisper, and 56 other AI applications.

Robotization courses in recruitment have been our standard offerings for years, taught by HR technologist José. However, this course offers something different, even though José also addresses the automation of various HR tasks using AI.

The course is designed for anyone wanting hands-on experience with the current possibilities of artificial intelligence and how to apply it in day-to-day HR practices. Don't expect a theoretical lecture but rather a highly practical workshop. 

José Kadlec notes, "I programmed neural networks during my studies at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. At that time, these methods were mostly confined to the academic environment. I'm pleased to have lived to see the moment when we can all fully experience how these techniques significantly change our work and personal lives."

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What you learn in the course

Overview of Artificial Intelligence in HR

  • The family of generative AI tools - it's not just about ChatGPT. 
  • Current updates in the field of AI since significant changes happen literally every week. AI vs. Automation. 
  • How to utilize AI in standard tools like Canva, PowerPoint, or Excel. 
  • Fundamentals of prompt engineering. 
  • OpenAI's ChatGPT vs. Google Bard vs. other LLMs (Large Language Models). 
  • Overview of the best plugins for ChatGPT. 
  • How not to fear AI but instead use it for daily success.

AI for Job Descriptions

  • Analyzing job descriptions. 
  • How to create a simulator for a demanding hiring manager. 
  • Analyzing intake meetings with a hiring manager. 
  • How to craft a job description using AI. 
  • Cloning the style of job descriptions from your top competitors. 
  • Generating presentations directly from ChatGPT.

AI for Crafting Recruitment Strategy

  • Creating both inbound and outbound recruitment strategies. 
  • Preparing strategies based on the best viral recruitment campaigns from the past. 
  • AI in Talent Sourcing Using ChatGPT and other tools in searching for relevant candidates. 
  • Candidate screening and matching with AI. 
  • Candidate data enrichment - working with ChatGPT directly in MS Excel and Google Sheets. 
  • Crafting candidate outreach using AI.

AI in HR Marketing and Employer Branding

  • Crafting job advertisements with AI. 
  • Devising marketing "hooks" for reels (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts) or PPC campaigns. 
  • Using AI on LinkedIn - creating personal profiles and posts. 
  • Creating unified professional photos without a photographer. 
  • Cloning and automatically transforming the most successful LinkedIn posts in your field. 
  • Using AI as the ultimate translator, proofreader, and language stylist.

AI in Job Interviews

  • Generating interview questions with AI. 
  • Automatic interview notes using AI tools. 
  • Using AI to create a sophisticated search engine. 
  • Automated candidate reports using AI.

AI in Candidate Experience

  • Auto-generating rejection emails that candidates will love. 
  • Creating personalized video messages without manual recording - we'll clone both your voice and face. 
  • Chatbots that have genuinely passed the Turing test, making them indistinguishable from humans. 
  • AI in Other Aspects of HR Processes like legal, onboarding, L&D, DEI, etc., are also covered in this course.

The course is recommended for

  • HR employees, recruiters, headhunters, HR specialists and HR generalists
  • Recruitment agencies, executive search companies and external HR employees
  • Hiring managers and other managers involved in hiring process
  • Directors, board members and owners of companies
  • HR marketers and employer branding experts

Goals of the course

  • Boost your efficiency with AI tools and have more time for family (and the pub).
  • Practically utilize leading representatives of current AI like ChatGPT and Midjourney.
  • Use dozens of apps and plugins that operate independently or integrate with ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, etc.
  • Understand how generative artificial intelligence works, so you can better specify your desires and be more satisfied with the outcomes.
  • Implement immediate changes for the progressive use of the latest technologies.
  • Secure your job in HR for the next ten years.


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José Kadlec

José Kadlec

José is a former software engineer, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing stagnant industries like recruitment through analytical strategies and technological advancements since 2006. 

José co-founded the 140-employee recruitment titan, GoodCall, along with ATS provider Datacruit and the recruitment certification authority Recruitment Academy. With a decade-long presence in the market, these enterprises have received accolades, including recognition in Deloitte‘s TOP50 and Financial Times FT1000.

He is the author of two pillar books in the recruitment space - People as Merchandise and HR Robo Sapiens.