The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Is it enough to have a LinkedIn profile and only check what’s going on there from time to time? If you want LinkedIn to help you with your work and career, you need to understand it the best you can, and use it actively. It all starts with you and your profile. It’s your business card and it can make a great first impression. Use it to impress not only your colleagues, but potential customers and other new contacts too. Mastering your profile and learning a few tricks will make you more visible.

What you learn in the course:

  • LinkedIn’s position among social networks

  • Why it’s good to have a profile on LinkedIn and use it actively

  • How to create a great profile step by step

  • Tips and tricks on how to increase views of your profile

  • Interaction with other people on LinkedIn

  • Principles of creating interesting content

Goals of the course:

  • Create an interesting LinkedIn profile that others want to see

  • Navigate LinkedIn like a fish in water

  • Effectively extend your network

  • Stay up-to-date in your field

  • Increase your visibility and reach

  • Create your own valuable content

This course is part of the discounted package Digital HR Leaders.



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Aneta Kořínková

Aneta Kořínková

Aneta Kořínková has been connecting the right people with the right jobs for more than 10 years. She has experience from large manufacturing corporations and for almost 2 years she has been working in RPO team in GoodCall. She works as a consultant within the non-profit organization Genixa, where she helps people find jobs. During her maternity leave she founded the blog about work and education and runs courses on topics such as how to correctly use social networks (especially LinkedIn) for finding a job. Recently she has launched a podcast (Podcast o práci)  in which she not only advises how and where to look for work, but also talks with guests about how to combine work, family and personal development.