First contact with a candidate

Do you want your InMails and e-mails to be more than just another spam in the eyes of your candidates? As the best ones receive literally tens of offers on a weekly basis, you better make sure you catch their attention at the very beginning of your potential cooperation.
In this course, based on practical agency recruiter and sourcer experience, we will share tips & tricks for outreaching candidates in written form (mail, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as a few ways of using other digital formats, mainly video.

The course is made for recruiters, sourcers, headhunters and anyone else in need of outreaching candidates in a way that catches attention and makes your work much more effective thanks to higher response rates.

This course is part of the discounted package Digital HR Leaders.

What you learn in the course:

Part I:

  • Basic rules for written communication

  • Pros & Cons of individual communication channels
  • How to improve your response rates
  • How to write professionally but sound like a human
  • Useful tools and extensions

Part II:

  • Current trends in candidate outreach
  • How to helps yourself with a bit of marketing methods & data
  • How to create an outreach video
  • How to turn video into a strong outreach tool you can use on regular basis
  • What can go wrong and how to avoid it



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Markéta Vendlová

Markéta Vendlová

Markéta is Senior Talent Sourcer in GoodCall. Therefore she is in touch with new candidates on daily basis. She enjoys working on marketing and HR roles, which she has been working on for past 3 years. During this period of time, she could not fail to notice the growing similarity between the work of marketers and specialists in the field of talent acquisition. This is where she got interested in non-traditional ways of approaching the candidates. In addition to working on a textual context, she also began to look into the visual side, mainly the format of videos and their use in recruitment process.
Tomáš Faust

Tomáš Faust

Tomáš is Sourcer and Recruiter in GoodCall. He has been raising the bar of Czech recruitment for several years already. He is a fan of innovative recruitment practices and is always happy to test non-traditional communication tools. His strongest recruitment weapon is the written word. In GoodCall he is also responsible for internal training of communication with candidates.