Social Selling with David Kolář and José Kadlec (Czech)

This webinar is recommended for all sales consultants, sales managers and representatives, CSOs, account managers, relationship managers and anybody else who wants to sell more effectively by using social media and technologies such as chatbots and virtual reality.

Chatbots, social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, virtual reality and other technologies are nowadays a part of the arsenal of the most succesful salespeople and account managers. Recruitment Academy and Business Animals joined forces for this unique webinar where we’ll show you the methods, data and specific examples of how these technologies can maximize the effectivity of your sales.




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David Kolář

David Kolář

An influencer in the field of social media marketing and a recognized authority in the field of designing customer paths and conversion funnels among B2B and B2C. His vision and mission is to make businesses and individuals more profitable and free at the same time. 
José Kadlec

José Kadlec

José is the founder of GoodCall and Recruitment Academy. He started with the background of software engineer as an unconventional headhunter and talent sourcing architect. He is the author of People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment. He is a lector of the Recruitment Engineering video course and the author of professional articles and moderator of podcast Inhuman resources. José is also the first officially certified LinkedIn recruiter in Central and Eastern Europe.