Unlocking Human Potential with Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit believes that individuals, organizations and states have enormous human potential that is rarely fully unlocked. Jan worked at Microsoft for 22 years, his last role being the European Chairman (2007-2014).

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What you learn in the course

  • Each of us has tremendous potential, but very few people make the most of it. Identifying your uniqueness is a step towards recognizing your calling, which stems from your strengths.
  • In the theoretical part of the course you will learn about positive psychology and how recognizing your talents is fundamental to this methodology. We will touch on the subjects of how the brain behaves, emotions, the concept of happiness and many more topics that help one understand themselves better when explored.
  • In the more practical part of the course you will receive the results of your Gallup Strengths Finder test. A range of exercises that will prepare you to apply your strengths to your everyday life and therefore optimize your performance.

The course is recommended for

  • The course is suitable for people of all ages.

Goals of the course

  • Focusing on strengths instead of trying to improve your weaknesses.
  • Finding personal exceptionality through examining strengths.
  • Learning to follow your heart and experience happiness along the path of success.
  • Directing your energy instead of attempting to control time.


Training dates

The training takes place from 9:00 to 16:00.

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  • Can you do your course directly for our company in our branch office?

    Yes, our lectors will be glad to go to your company, instruct you and they will be also happy to adapt the course content to your needs. We also offer tailor-made courses and consultations.
  • Where are your courses held?

    Our courses are held in the heart of Prague on Wenceslaw Square in the Palace Koruna. Exceptionally there are courses in Brno or in other cities.
  • Can you provide us the Gallup service and process the test Strengths Finder even without the participation on the course Unlocking Human Potential with Jan Mühlfeit?

    Yes, we also provide the service of processing Gallup tests itself.

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Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit is a global strategist, mentor, coach and author of the bestseller The Positive Leader (Pearson 2016) / Positive Leader (Albatros Media 2017). His personal mission is to help individuals, organizations and countries around the world unlock their human potential. In cooperation with Kateřina Novotná, they have designed courses for parents, children and students, with their newest book Unlocking Children's Potential released in September 2018 (Albatros Media 2018).