Effective Interviewing Techniques

Skills and psychology of interviews with candidates for recruiters and hiring managers

Do you rely on intuition when choosing the right candidate or do you apply science-proven techniques and approaches to interviewing methods? Which of these two options will ensure the right choice of candidate? What are the types of personality and how to reveal them during an interview? How to avoid recruiting a problematic personality? All these topics and situations will be theoretically discussed and practically applied in this course.

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You can enroll in the course as part of certification RACR® - Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter.

What you learn in the course

  • How to organize a successful selection interview
  • Nonverbal and verbal communication (what to say and not to say, what to do and not to do)
  • Traditional selection interview.
  • Behavioral selection interview
  • Multimodal interview
  • Interview by competence
  • Power hiring
  • Stress selection interview
  • Communication and offer negotiation
  • Problematic types
  • Relationship with hiring managers

The course is recommended for

  • HR employees, recruiters, headhunters, HR specialists and HR generalists
  • Recruitment agencies, executive search companies and external HR employees
  • Hiring managers and other managers involved in hiring process
  • Directors, board members and owners of companies

Goals of the course

  • You will improve your interviewing skills and different approaches to interviewing

  • How many and what questions to ask the candidate to ensure true answers that will ensure the selection of the best candidate for the position, team, company
  • How to make non-refusing offers and how to negotiate and achieve 100 % success rate in offer acceptance by candidates
  • How to positively influence the relationship with hiring managers in order to achieve successful cooperation with mutual trust


Training dates

The training takes place from 9:00 to 16:30. (You can attend this course with advantaged price regarding to certification RACR® - Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter.)

(You can enroll in the course as part of certification RACR® - Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter.)

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References of attendees

The training Interviewing techniques is a great start for beginners in recruitment as well as for experienced recruiters who want to do their job more effectively. The training is less about theory and more about practical tips and materials with a possibility of role-playing.

Petra Kubínová, Learning and Development Manager, Four Seasons


  • How can I use your certified program in my professional life?

    The graduate of the certification program will get familiar with complex recruitment strategies and gain credibility of his knowledge and experiences in HR and recruitment environment.
  • Is it necessary to complete one certification course after another?

    It is not required to complete certifications RACS and RACR one after the other. It depends on your current work experience which has to be at a sufficient level to pass the final certification exam. Nevertheless we recommend to complete certifications gradually due to the course content.
  • Is it necessary to complete one module of certification course after another or on the same day?

    It is not required to complete half or one day modules in the listed order. You can complete any of the modules anytime and gradually get RACS or RACR certification.
  • If I attended your RACS certification and I am interested in the follow-up RACR, is it enough for me to complete 3rd and 4th day of the certification?

    Yes, you can follow up on RACS by completing 3rd and 4th day only and recieve the RACR certification.
  • Could you provide your courses directly for our company in our branch office?

    Yes, our lectors will be glad to come to your company, train you and they will also be happy to adapt the course content to your needs. We offer tailor-made courses and consultations.
  • Do you organize courses only in the Czech Republic or also abroad?

    Our lectors provide courses in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Malta etc.)
  • Where are your courses held?

    Our courses are held in the heart of Prague on Wenceslaw Square in the Palace Koruna. Exceptionally there are courses in Brno or in other cities.

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Romana Martincová

Romana Martincová

Romana is the Head of HR at Red Bull for Czech and Slovak Republic. Formerly she worked as HR and Employer Brand Manager for L’Oréal. In GoodCall and Reed Specialist Recruitment she managed recruitment teams specializing in headhunting and direct recruitment.